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Our Breeding Program

Our future plans include continuing the production of our current varieties while evaluating new material created from our genetic stock.  We have over 80 new crosses in our trials for evaluation of yields, disease tolerance, spear quality, and taste. 


Early data is showing very promising results.  We have several crosses that have produced very exciting yields and qualities. We look for characteristics such as early spear emergence, high marketable yields, and excellent spear quality; all characteristics that asparagus growers desire. Time will tell if they continue to excel and outperform the industry standards as they are doing now.


The growing conditions in New Jersey, USA provide perfect testing grounds for asparagus.  Our fusarium infested soils, high humidity, and high and low temperatures allow only the strong varieties to survive.  If they grow in New Jersey, they will grow anywhere!

A promising variety in the picture above producing very high yields. Spear quality evaluation in the picture to the left.  We evaluate for tip and bract tightness, spear color, size, and overall appearance.
Michael Walker proudly exhibiting two all-male crosses from the Walker Breeding program. These two varieties are two years old, have excellent rust resistance, are very high headed. We will start harvesting in 2013 and we can't wait to see the yields!