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Walker Bros. Inc. is a family owned agricultural business in operation since the mid 1800's. The fifth generation owners have experience and knowledge of all aspects of the asparagus industry.  We have over 40 years of experience in fresh market asparagus production, 30 years in asparagus crown production, and 25 years in hybrid asparagus seed production and marketing.  Although we have years of working with the asparagus industry worldwide we are still a family operation that offers personal service to our customers. 

We are very excited to meet a new group of customers through our new venture to specialize in the production and marketing of the California asparagus hybrid seed varieties.  Our goals are to produce high quality hybrid asparagus seed and to provide our customers with our depth of experience and outstanding customer service.
We know asparagus!

  • 40 years fresh market asparagus production

  • 30 years of crown production

  • One of the largest asparagus crown producers in the United States

  • 25 years of hybrid asparagus seed production and marketing

  • World wide sales and consulting experience

  • Access to a worldwide network of asparagus industry and research specialists